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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again

This is a very small painting (approx 2 1/2" x 2 1/2") by Sami Nelson, who lives at Espwa (Pwoje Espwa Sud- which means Project Hope, South) in Haiti.  It's painted ont the back side of a piece of cardboard box.   Everything is reused, recycled, repurposed here. 

We're leaving first thing in the morning, and will arrive at Espwa somethime Friday afternoon.  Les Cayes, Haiti, is only 199 Km (123.6 miles, according to google maps) from Port au Prince, but will take us 5-6 hours to drive.  Roads?  Yes, there is one, and it even has a number, but not like ours and it is certainly an adventure.  The driver will go from a complete standstill to God only knows how fast in a matter of seconds, and every mile per hour in between--often.  The last time I went, we took a detour through a river, because the bridge was damaged.  In the dark.

We all met last night and packed our duffles with items we are taking with us (not our personal items-they are in our carry-ons). Approximately 1000 lbs (half a ton!!)  I have never seen so much underwear in my life.  Clothing, dresses, computers, soap, christmas presents, and numerous surprises for the children.  Thanks to all who contributed.  We also have items for the 550 prisoners in the Les Cayes prison who are often held unjustly and in deplorable conditions.  We've all heard of the harshness of Mexico prisons, and I'm guessing they are 100 times better than the ones in Haiti.  8 x 10 cell , sometimes 40 or more in each cell.

We will also be visiting another orphanage/hospice in Les Cayes, run by the Sisters of Mercy (Mother Teresa).  They have disabled children, and a hospice for adults, I believe. 

It might not sound like it, but this is really a very uplifting journey.  Every day we see smiling faces, children who are loved, eat regularly, go to school, have medical care, and have hope for the future.  What more could anyone ask?!

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