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Friday, June 29, 2012

Our bags ARE packed!

Finally have checked in all our bags, and are now waiting for boarding to Port au Prince.  3:30 was especially early this morning, and part of our group is out looking for a Starbucks to get us going.  Miami airport is really big, and I believe we've covered all of it on foot.

Dang it!  I'm the oldest one on this trip, but not by far.  Lori is next, close behind, then the ages fall to college age.

There are 3 men with us this trip.  Greg Heard was on my first trip to Haiti in December, 2010.  He is going to school.  His wife sings at church, his daughter is a puppeteer, and he also has a school age son.  He is the sound man at church services.  Darrell Hasse is married and has two children, as well. He is in the Praise Band.   Dillon is our youngest man, and works for the park department and is also in the Praise band.

Women on the trip are me, pastor Lori, Diane Joy who is a hairdresser and has 2 children.  Doris Plaster is from Columbia South America, but has been here 12 years, is married and has one son and four step children.  She is a social worker at the Maples, a skilled nursing facility.  Leah Cagle is a physical therapist, married and has two children.  She also sings with the Praise band.  Kayla Brown is young, single and cute, and is also a physical therapist who works with Leah.  Last but not least is Keeley who is a student, single, young and cute, but is an item with Dillon.  You can pick us out of this picture.  We're the white ones.

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  1. Thank you for the team description. It helps to picture you as I pray for your safety and joy.