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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Carribean Holiday

Today was a slower day. After breakfast, I took Keeley and Doris with me to see Sony and Sonice. We took turns holding, rocking, and taking lots of pictures. The four girls that live in the same house confiscated our cameras and took a LOT of nothing pics--blurs, photos of other cameras, etc. They had a ball.

We were going to do more tees for the boys today, but most of them were in the elementary school building. We went over to see what was going on, since school is out, but I couldn't find anyone that spoke English. I found my way to the principals office and had to sit there for a few minutes. Surprise, surprise! Finally, Bertony came by and explained they were having a special session of health talks--hygiene, health care, safety, etc.

We climbed on the roof of the quad while Greg, Darrell and Dillon flew kites, and I heard a commotion just beyond Espwa land. I could only assume it was a fourth of July celebration, perhaps a hot dog and hamburger BBQ. Just kidding. So, several of us walked to the tailors shop (in the general direction) and out onto the road. When we got close enough, we stopped and watched. Some of the rara band members, and the flag bearer, waved us in, and the group opened up a circle in the middle. Greg was first, and I went second. They wanted us to dance. They were also singing, so of course we couldn't follow along, but many of the women outside the band circle were also dancing. I think they were amused at our white dancing. But we kept it up. Finally, more of us got brave and joined in. What fun it was!

Late in the afternoon, we boarded two vans and went to Port Salut further up the coast. It has beautiful beaches,and several resorts. We had a delicious dinner, walked on the beach, and waded. The lucky men had swim trunks/shorts and jumped from rocks into the gorgeous blue water. So jealous. Hard to believe some of Haiti could be like this. If only the rest could be the same, the Dominican Republic could have a run for their money.

 Another good day in Haiti.

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