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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tees, donkey hunt, balloons & play

This morning after breakfast, we had the last group of little boys come in and do handprints on their tees. Like all the others, they enjoyed it as well. They also got to mark them up with indelible markers if they chose. Soccer heros are big for this age group.

Leah coerced us into going on a donkey hunt this morning, as she has been craving a ride on one. Luckily, Samy went with us. He has been wonderful for us this whole week. He's worked with the children, interpreted for us, ran interference with the locals, and has a great sense of humor. Anyway, Samy led us to a friend, who thought he knew someone with a donkey. They both led us astray--into the jungle overgrowth to a tiny path that wound around into the bananas, palms, mangos and plantain trees. We saw some interesting homes. Children followed us, yelling at us but then hiding. Finally we came to a home where a man was building, and we found a shade tree to stand under while negotiations were under way. We hadn't thought of bringing money along, so hopes were dashed when the man wanted 1,000 gourdes (about. $25) to sit on his donkey. We declined and went back for lunch.

Siesta time, but some of us instead (the three guys and me) filled up coolers and tubs of water balloons for some of the kids. We thought they would arrive about 2:00, but there was another activity at the school, so we didn't see anyone until about 4:30. We all climed on the rof of the guest house, and as soon as the boys saw their cooler of balloons on the ground, you know what broke out. These kids can throw. Everyone was soaked--on the ground, and on the roof. It was great, and they enjoyed it a lot.

 Lori met with her young men again again, and brought them to the guesthouse for cokes and chips after they were finished with their meeting, and we all got to say goodbye and mingle a bit, and took a full staircase picture of all of us together. Hugs and kisses, and au revoir.

Supper, our favorite Haitian spaghetti. We some of us took a last visit to the children's village to play and visit. So hard to leave some of these children. Now preparing for an early night and very early departure. We will leave by 2:30 in the morning for the return drive to Port-a-Prince, for a 9:00 flight to Fort Lauderdale.

It's been awesome, but I think we are ready to come home and process some of what we've experienced. Poor Haiti, there is so much potential. There has been some improvements, but they have so far to go.

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