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Sunday, September 22, 2013

I don't know my aft from a hole in the ground. England 2013

Friday morning, Sept 27, we will be landing in Manchester for a little different trip to England. The first week, we will be on the Llangollen canal, crossing from NW England into Wales and back. The picture below is similar to what we will be on. Small, cozy, and John may have to stand out in the rain to navigate us on the canal. Don't feel badly for him; I'm sure he will find a pub to lift his spirits (pun intended).

The second week, we will be in the Lake District, staying in a small, comfy apartment while we take day trips around the area. Lots of scenery, holy wells, stone circles, and other old and dead things.

I hope you find this blog fun and interesting. Thanks for coming along--so to speak.


  1. Our narrow boat friend, Dan, says the weather is dreadful at the moment. I will send positive thoughts for good weather.

  2. Barb, Don't be scared of the Prawn and Cocktail sauce flavored chips. They were my favorite. Sherri and I fought over the last bag. I didn't like the backed up karsy flavor.