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Friday, October 4, 2013

Last full day on the Llangollen canal

A pleasant day along the canal, just cruising along enjoying the views of fields, corn (that is just about ready for harvest), meres, bridges, birds, but alas, no hedgehogs.

Homes for sale are listed in the windows of estate agents, and people sometimes cluster around, looking at the listings. No, sales agents don't pounce like U.S. used car salesmen do when you show up on the lot. The listing below is possibly the cheapest one we've seen. Many are 300,000 pounds +/-

This refrigerator/freezer is about 4 feet high, and is rather large for UK standards, I think. This one is 259.99 pounds, or about $400.00.



Est 1969? Explains the name

Moving house to a different mooring. These folks went much slower than our boat was able to go, so we had to throw it into neutral numerous times so not to run into them. Luckily, they only went a few miles.

Rain again, but not until the afternoon. Sainsbury saves the day. Love John's makeshift wellies.

Some boaters were equipped for the rain.

At bridge 2, John and I took a short walk over the stile into a sheep pasture and over the bridge.

Baa, baa, black sheep

Our last nights' mooring. Beautiful view.

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