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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rain, Relax, Rambling

Scones and coffee for breakfast, and within 45 minutes or so, we were at "our" marina. They replaced our towels, broken pole, and emptied our potty, and talked us into going on toward Ellesmere to the store and laundrette, rather than going back into Owsestry.

Made sense, but how would I meet Dan Brown this way? Somehow, I don't think John is as enamored with Dan as I am. He is 26, or maybe 27 by now, and is living his dream, living on a narrowboat, working (in Oswestry), writing, and has published a book about his first year with Tilly, his boat. He also has a gazillion videos on You Tube. I've seen the hundred or so on narrowboating, but he has others about reviews of products, biking, etc. If you'd like to see why I think Dan is so charming, search you tube for Dan Brown Narrowboat and watch some. How's that for a plug, Dan?

So, anyway, after we got back on the canal, we were just cruising along, and I passed Tilly! I had to back up and made John take pictures of me at the tiller. (See earlier post) Don't worry, Dan said I could climb on board. I also climbed around the boat, and peeked in the windows (he said I could do that, too. I promise). I love his little smoke stack, but I see he has a new chair! Whats up with that!?

By the way, nice tile work, Dan.

Continuing on, we came to the junction of the Montgomery canal, and I thought it was clever to have the usual directional signs.

In Ellesmere, we had lunch at the Black Lion, found the laundrette, and the Tesco store where we stocked up on a few things. This beautiful fushia was in one of the little gardens in town.

At the Tesco store, I had to take this spy picture of babies in plastic bags. I'm not sure, but I believe one of them is trying to kick his way out. Can they breathe in those things? Don't our plastic bags all say "Keep bag away from children. This is not a toy" ?

Tesco again. I don't care if they were free. Not in my lifetime.

Does this mean anyone over 30 is elderly? I had to hurry after taking this one, so I wouldn't be caught in someone else's picture of this sign.

On a church in Ellesmere.

At Ellesmere Mere (that doesn't look right), Trying to get my ducks in a row

Moored 30 minutes or so outside Ellesmere, in Georges Wood, by a lake Beautiful. Foggy, we'll try for some pics in the morning.

'nite, all.

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