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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yesterday was a whole day ago

I didn't type the blog last night, as we had a very long day and I was exhausted. So, hopefully I won't forget anything too wonderful.

We had a nice rain the previous night, it was really coming down off and on. I loved the sound of it on the roof. Almost like camping; I guess we are kinda camping. We moored at a beautiful mere, the real name is Blake Mere. One swan watches for people mooring, and comes for snacks.

Johns goal was to make Whitchurch today. I'm not really sure why, as it seems a long way, but we did it.

It rained off an on, but nothing too terrible. We moored and had a late lunch at a deli. That was where we found wifi yesterday, and I posted the previous blog. It was a perfect spot. We had pasties and dessert

. . . . . we interrupt this blog for an update. John is currently driving through the Ellesmere tunnel--his first. Only bumped once-so far. Light is on, horn honked, and since he is now over halfway, has decided this isn't bad. Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog . . . . .

pasties and dessert, both very good. The owner reminded us a lot of Mike of the Moxie, and talked to us for almost an hour and a half. The walk into Whitchurch is really long, and if I hadn't needed wifi, I'm not sure we would have done it.

We had to go as far as the step locks to turn around, and by then, it was getting late afternoon. We didn't want to have a really long day tomorrow, so we started back upcanal, and got as far as a straightaway near a bog. Again, it rained on us. We pulled in about 7, and I finally got the oven to work for me, so we had little dinners-spaghetti and lasagne.

We didn't see anyone all night long, and even though it rained again, it wasn't as bad as the previous night.

The weather is supposed to be terrible today, but so far so good. We have to be back at our marina Friday morning at 9:00, so we want to get as close to it as we can. If we can beat the rain, or some of it, that will be perfect.

We keep seeing the same boaters over and over, and almost all are very friendly and funny. One couple we've seen a half dozen times, and John said he doesn't think they have ever seen him piloting the boat. They call me skipper.

We've seen some beautiful birds, and some very interesting things.

Time Share!

And what's up with this one? Not the right T.

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