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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A wonderful last day in Greece, 3 island tour

 For our last day in Greece, we booked a three island cruise to nearby islands--Hydra, Poros and Aegina.  
I'm not sure why a Greek guard is welcoming us on board, but the other welcoming person is a female pirate.  Of course, they had to take a bunch of pictures as we boarded, but we didn't fall for that ruse.
We had on-board entertainment, as well.  They did very well, for the most part, except when they went to some 80's tunes with a slightly Greek twist.  It was fun, though.

Some of the boats at the port.

Sun on the Sea,

All the young girls got the good seats.  However, we ran into our San Francisco friends on this same tour, so we all sat together, and were joined by a new friend from Louisiana.  She had just visited her son in Prague, and was taking a few days for herself.  We laughed a lot.

A rock

We also had some Greek dancing, if you were brave enough.  I wasn't.

We were also given dancing lessons, played to "Zorba the Greek"

Just a boat

A pod of dolphins played nearby for 10 minutes or so

I was greatly entertained.

Hydra town on Hydra.


More donkeys and mules.    I did NOT ride these.

Do you think this will thaw before we get home?

I may have lied.  The "camel seats" from the flea market might have been mule seats.  Still would make interesting footstools.

After Hydra, we had lunch on the boat.  It was an impressive buffet.

Poros-a short stop.

Back on the boat.  Dude, please   Take your coat off.  


Temple of Hypathia (?)   It is possibly the best preserved temple in Greece.

Monastery, had bones of St. Michael (?)

Clothing to borrow if you aren't properly attired.

Our new good friends Josie & David,  and Becky

One last time in "restaurant row" in Athens.  The guys accost you trying to get you to visit their restaurant.  We saved the guy in the green for last, and had a wonderful "last supper", and he gave us a hug and kiss.

Homemade pasta

Spinach pie.