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Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Day Walking Around Heraklion

Market day, so we stopped here on our way to the pier to start our touring of whatever sites we hadn't seen yet.

I so enjoy these days, as I get to do a lot of people watching and seeing things I've perhaps never seen before.  

However, walking through here for me is like going to a Halloween Horror House.  Fish (other than the fish and chips kind, or some tuna salad kind) really creep me out. That said, there were some interesting items of note:

smoked fish? (The guy in the black tee)

The occasional tomato or lemon does NOT make these more appealing.

My  skin is crawling RIGHT NOW.

Why do they stand them up and make them look like they're talking?  Buy Me!  Buy Me!  In my dreams it will be "I'm gonna get you!"

Finally past the fish market, to the beautiful veggies.  I don't have to eat a lot of them to appreciate them.

Olive wood stuff and sea sponges.


One of a LOT of children begging or playing (mostly poorly) for tips.

Done with the market, we finally made it down to the pier and walked around the venetian fortress and watched the boats. These two were chatting while the older guy was repairing nets.

Worrying his beads.

Current excavation of a Byzantine church in Heraklion

This one is for you, Lisa.

I could have broken every law and I don't think he would have noticed.

Lion Fountain, 1600's

Just because I miss my babies.

A three headed horse is better than . . .

John thinks I could stay a few extra weeks if its cheap enough.

Should this be Centers Dyslexia?

Great Marketing.  Butterfly doesn't help.

A Room with a View.  My Crete "Office".  Sea is left of the stairstep building on the left.

Where do you go to break up with someone?  A public square, of course.  We were at an outdoor table nearby.  We couldn't hear their conversation, but the lady in grey in the pictures sure could.  John didn't totally appreciate my running commentary about what I imagined was being said.  He  asked if I could read lips. silly man. Off course not. I can make up my own stories.  This whole thing went on for over 30 minutes, we finished our dinner, but John didn't wait to see if they walked away from each other or if true love won out.

our balcony from the outside.  just kidding.

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