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Thursday, June 4, 2015

All about Johns birthday and other old things

Last night after dinner, the waiter brought us these tiny desserts to try.  They were like large shot glasses, and he said they were Ricotta or something.  They had jam on top (but maybe fish eggs, per the consistency.  Anyway, delicious!  Tasted like pudding.    

Today was John's birthday.  He has always wanted to see Knossos, so what better day?  As we waited for the city bus about 300 meters away, we noticed all the men shopkeepers were standing in their doorways (both sides of the street) talking to each other and watching everyone go by.  Reminded me of my dad; he used to do the same thing.

Finally, John even has a half smile!  I thought the reproductions here might be kinda corny, but they are done really well, and blend in much better than it seems.  We  spend 3-4 hours here, until John said he'd had enough.  It is a beautiful setting for a 3-4,000 year old palace.

Really?  Is this where Speedos come from?

Beautiful woman taking a picture of her embarrassed adult son.  She wins for worst dressed tourist.


More ruins (re-done)

More ruins (re-done)  Minoan version of Stone of Scone?

More ruins

Lunch time, fresh squeezed OJ.

Back in Heraklion, the Archaeological Museum holds most of the treasures from Knossos, Phaistos, etc.   I was amazed how much stuff they had.  There must not have been looting, etc.  

These are burial thingies.  I'd tell you the real name, but John has already gone to sleep, and he's my source of all things historical.

Bones of dismembered sacrificial horse  

Bones of not a horse

Johns favorite fresco.  The real ones are here.

The Phaistos Disc.  Still un-deciphered.

Linear A

Board game 

John thinks these women are beautiful.  Explains a lot.

John giving one of his tour guide lectures to me.  Georgie, note the Griffon's!

Bones and a jug to take to the afterlife.

After the museum, we had a snack on the patio.  Here's our view

Johns snack-Greek coffee and strawberry ice cream.  The ice cream was great, the coffee was like chewing coffee beans.  The sludge was as thick as cold syrup.

This is how we left men near our hotel in the morning, and they were still there when we came back late afternoon.  At least they are predictable!

Tomorrow, we drive!


  1. Love it! What a neat trip! I was trying to read the line under John's Final Frontier shirt. What does ot say?

    1. The bottom of the shirt reads Hadrians Wall Path. Thats from when we walked England East to West along Handrians Wall (another of Johns dreams. Hey! How come it's always about him?!)