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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bathing Beauties, BBQ, and Lepers

First we had to walk to one of the public squares to be picked up in a minivan, then to be transported to a big tour bus before going to Spinalonga.  This is Eulounda, in NE Crete.  Got on our boat here.

this is NOT the boat we took

Spinalonga from the water.  A venetian fortress at one time, this island was used for over 50 years as a huge leper colony.  No one was allowed to leave once they arrived. Supplies were rought by boat once or twice a week and left on the dock.

All new "residents" were required to walk through this tunnel before getting to the gate.  It was scary for them as they had no idea what their future held.

After some time exploring Spinalonga, we were taken by boat further into the Agean to a nice beach where we had about 1 1/2 hours to swim.

Some people look good in Speedos.

Some do not.

these guys BBQ'd pork chops while we swam,

It was delicious.

Dude, put your shirt on.  We're trying to eat.

Dude, put your pants on.  Now I don't even want to eat.

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  1. Thanks for most of the sights!