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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hello, Athens

Left Santorini this morning, on a prop plane!  Did fine, only takes 35 minutes by air, 9 hours by ferry, or 17 months by swimming island to island (I just made that one up)

It's a man purse!  It's European!  (nod to Seinfeld)  After arriving in Athens, I decided to save a couple of bucks and we took a bus into city center from the airport.  It took an hour, but I did save 25.  

From the main square, we saved another 5 by walking and dragging our suitcases for a mile or so.  Really wasn't too bad since it was downhill, and we passed Hadrian's Arch.  

Found a place we wanted to eat before we found our hotel, so we had falafel and an awesome salad.  Checked into our hotel, and it was much nicer than I anticipated.  6th floor.  There is a rooftop garden restaurant with a view we will  check out some time, and we were really surprised to find a view of the Parthenon from our window.  I don't know how we rated, but I'm not complaining.  Maybe they thought we were rich Americans.  Hahahahahaha.

From our window

John took a power nap, then we went to the Acropolis for a few hours, and was really impressed.  The theater below is currently being used for productions-operas, etc.

View of something from the Parthenon.  We'll have to find out what it is.  I really like columns.

There it is !!!  The white stuff is cleaned up portions of the columns.  They were discolored over the years by smog.

One of the temples on the Acropolis

Lookin' good.

Another view of the P and the white sections.

On the Parthenon

On the Parthenon.  I don't understand it. Perhaps I'll ask my "professor".  Oh, John took a little tumble on the polished granite or marble.  The walkways on the Acropolis are very uneven, and very slick with so much usage over the years.  But he wants his "fans to know he is fine."  No blood or broken things. Bruised pride.

Another temple

An altar

Theater of Dionysus.  The front row seats have backs, for wealthy or dignitaries, and each has a hole in the seat.  Pondering. They DID wear togas during this period. . . .

Each hole in the seat is in the exact same place, so it is definitely intentional.  John thinks, since the upper-classes would have been wearing togas, etc, the holes are there so they wouldn't have to leave during the plays.  Other ideas?  Please leave comments below.

While we were having dinner at another outdoor table (meatballs and some pasta thing what was kind of like lasagna), there was plenty to watch.  At one point, there were 5 little cats waiting to get scraps, and little by little the cats were replaced by pigeons.  Except one cat that wouldn't move.  The pigeons didn't seem to know how to get rid of him.

Poor soul.  He was carrying on a conversation with an invisible person.

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