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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Into Peloponesus, UNESCO and friends.

Yes, we have a view of the Parthenon from our window.  To be fair, we also have this view. The laundry is not ours.  

We saw a lot of this in Peru, and was surprised to find this in Greece, too.  Small and not so small shrines for deceased where fatal accidents occured.  Inside might be some ashes, mementos, letters, or flowers. Some are quite simple, ssome neglected.  We saw these at hardware/lawn ornament shops, too.

At Corinth canal.

saw us coming.

View from Mycenea
Lions Gate.  I think John got goosebumps.

Like Branson without the music.

"Bee hive" structure leading to Mycenea town water.  Must be protected so invaders can't ruin the supply.

Magnificent Setting

Treasury of Altreus, 14th century BC, amazing structure, also beehive.  The whole thing is as tall as the earthen mound.

Stopped for lunch--moussaka, fruit and baklava,  and we had a great time with some new friends from San Francisco, and Houston.

This is NOT where we ate.  

Or here.  But I thought it was pretty funny to have a hot dog stand in Greece, and at a UNECSO site.

Theater at Epidarus, birthplace of Apollo's son Asklepios, the healer, and this was the most celebrated healing center of the classical world.

John went to the top, and took a picture of me  taking a bow from all my adoring fans.  The acoustics are amazing.  John and I could talk to each other in normal voices and could hear each other perfectly fine.

The important seats had backrests.

Back in Athens, Olympic stadium

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