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Friday, June 5, 2015

Murder and Mayhem in Crete

This is Lessimacho, who brought us our rental car.  He was very nice, and we discovered he really wants to be a chef, has a passion for food, and also loves movies.  (yes, we found out all of this in the time it took us to pay him)  So before we got back, we had a list of 10 movies for him to rent if he can find them, and he gave us 3, as well.    Lessimacho (yes, his real name) and most of the Greeks we have met and talked with are friendly and funny.  So, being a "Cretan" is no longer a bad thing in my book.

Driving here is HELL, and why I had to drive all day is beyond me.  Major Melton sat in the chair of convenience and pointed out, numerous times, that I was not being an enjoyable person today, that I should calm down, and relax.  Nice.  We couldn't get the GPS to recognise any of the places we tried to load in, tailgaiting is required here, 2 lanes of traffic might hold 3, or 4 cars across, and scooters were passing on the right AND left, and turning in front of you.  And that's in town.  

On the "highway", this is how you are supposed to drive, so anyone can pass you anytime they %^$ feel like it, even if it is in a no passing zone.  I might have been a little tense.  I did NOT murder John, but the thought briefly crossed my mind.  We have since made up.

First stop, Gortys, sometimes called Gortin, or Gortus, or Gortyna, etc. Just another Roman ruin, but it had some awesome old olive trees.

When I grow up, I'm going to be an old Greek man so I can sit around outside all day, every day.  I'll bet their wives make them, so they won't be in the house bothering things.

On to Phaistos, also known as Festos, etc., the Minoan palace ruins, 2nd largest after Knosses.  It really was beautiful here.  And yes, that's snow on yonder mountain.

Graffiti in cacti.

Deja Vu

Minoan drain pipe.  Yeah, I was just as excited.

Found a geocache at little monastery ruin named for my mom

Of course, we had to stop here.

On to the beach at Matala. In the 60's, this was a hippie haven and they lived in the caves.  It is now apparently a clothing optional beach, but everyone (but 1) had suits on. She should have worn a robe,  She was right by the board walk (made out of plywood boards), facing everyone who walked to the water.   Don't look!

Back in Heraklion with no car mishaps, and glad.  Ate near Lion Square again, different place, and watched people-curiouser and curiouser. 

3rd floor walk up.  Dude, put your pants back on.  John can tell you what can happen if the wind blows them off the balcony! (recalling Sicily and the lemon tree, and the Oscar Mayer episode)

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