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Friday, June 12, 2015

Museums and man skirts

First stop (that lasted until noon) was the Archeaological museum one of the best in the world.  Mycenaean.  Roughly 1600-1400 BC   I could use this for camping. 

John wants this sword.  Yes, there were lions in Greece at this time.

Gold belt and jewelryB

Boars tusk helmet

Ear cleaner before Q tips



Bronze jockey on horse.


Theater mask

This is wrong

This is wrong

This is wrong

Floor mosaics at house of archaeologist Heinrich Schlieman, who found Troy and  Mycenae 

Love the pom poms

This little bird came to see us as we were taking a break in the National Garden.  

On our way back, saw a roman bath.  

Temple of Zeus

Temple of Zeus

Walked to a large cemetery of Athens.  Many tombs and mausoleums.  More than a few were open, with modern additions.  The whole cemetery is beautiful.  We spent a good hour walking to get there, only to discover we had 20 minutes to visit.  It is huge, so we might go back in a couple of days if time allows.

They could add a couch and a large screen TV, and have a family night.

From  Thanks,  papalia  Athens' First Cemetery or Municipal Cemetery opened in 1837 and soon became a luxurious cemetery for famous Greek people and foreigners. It is a peaceful spot in the city filled with many large olive and pine trees as well as the smell of incense burning from the well-tended tombs. There are many interesting tombs and some are real works of art in their own right. Locals tending the graves often make this a family outing and it is not unusual to find small groups of people having a picnic in the cemetery.
Many famous people are buried in the First Cemetery of Athens. You will find a lot of mausoleums from people who played a significant role in the history of Greece. The grave of, the still very loved, Melina Mercouri is near the entrance of the cemetery.
One of the most famous monuments of the first Cemetery is the Sleeping Maiden, the tombstone of Sofia Afentaki, a classicist work by Giannoulis Chalepas (1878). The girl seems to be sound asleep and nothing shows the rigidity of the dead body. In this way, the work fully corresponds to the model of the classicist tomb, according to which "death is an eternal dreamless sleep". The sculpture owes its fame to a great degree to the artist’s tragedy, as this was his last work before his schizophrenia was manifested.  See the nice slide show of the cemetery at (not mine)

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  1. Barbara, John, I need you to be my travel guides! Beautiful places and interesting places! Awesome pictures!