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Monday, June 1, 2015

My Big Fat Greek Vacation-First of five airports in 24 hours

Finally got everything done - kids kissed, house sitters covered, pet walkers blessed, house sort of cleaned, laundry done, drawer drops prepped (for those in the know), bags packed--until I zipped up my luggage.  The zipper separated from the rest of the luggage.  What to do now?  24 hour Walmart?  Duct tape?  Or do I try to do what I just taught Kaden?  Sewing.  Worth a shot.  So, I did a rush job and decided a glob of superglue wouldnt hurt, either.  Prayer for luggage to hold, please.  It's a pretty poor sewing job.

Now, here we sit after getting priority security (because we are the oldest people here?)  Didn't have to take off our shoes, and I even wore slip on sketchers just for that purpose.  

First of 5 airports to get to our destination of Crete.  John isn't even complaining (too much) because Greece is on his bucket list.

Now sitting on the Tarmac in Philadelphia. Storm nearby, so they are only letting one plane at a time land or take off. Captain Greek said we are #30 in line!  Might take us a while.   

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  1. Is that my Richard at the pretzel stand?