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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Road Rage, Beaches and Wine

A real breakfast.  Fresh OJ, omelet and crepe.  Yummy.

As we were sitting on our bus waiting to pull out, thought I'd show the current fad in rental vehicles on the island.  Good idea. We don't see scooters anymore, and I'm sure they are safer.

As I had my cemera out, we heard a crash.  Theese guys are NOT getting ready to hug.  The older guy in green is driving the dark car, the guy in the cap, the car on the right.    Very busy corner, no traffic lights or stop signs anywhere.

Old dude jumped on him so fast--yelling--would have thought we were at a hockey game. Choke hold ensued.  Younger guy didn't buy into it. Good thing no one had a gun, or someone would have been hurt.

Luckily, someone stepped in (just walking down the street, I guess) and calmed green shoes down.  Note the same 4 wheeler still in the picture, girl NOT looking in that direction. After a couple of minutes, both drivers got back into their cars and drove away.  I'm not sure there was even any damage--or any MORE damage.  After looking at gramps car again from the first picture, it looks like he's had a few issues already.

Onward and upward.  We went to another traditional village, Maegalochiri, and walked around.  The grapes (largest export on the island is wine) are grown low to the ground here, and in circles of hand twisted vine, to protect from the sun.  There is no water on this island, but with the volcanic rock and a deep root system, this variety does fine.

Pistachio tree

Caper bush


Then we went to the red beach.  Pretty spectacular.

Dude.  Not a good look.  You know how you say it doesn't matter what you wear on vacation; you'll never see these people again?  Does matter.  He  will be in my pictures forever.

Akrotiri.  Perhaps the lost city of Atlantis.  Discovered in late 1950's.  Funds ran out so not totally excavated, but Minoan, and some large frescoes, etc. found here. Referred to as the Pompei of Santorini.  No people found, as everyone had deserted.  Most riches gone, as well.  

one of the original grain pots

Minoan indoor toilet

Then to the black beach, on the east side of the island.  This one is really long, and is very popular in the summer.  I could spend some time here, for sure.  But not with this guy.

Johns 5 minutes of relaxation

Me relaxing.  Wifi on the beach.  Cabana boys to bring refreshments.  My kind of place.

Last stop, Santo Wines for a tasting.  

View from Santos Winery

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