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Sunday, June 7, 2015


We enjoyed our ferry crossing, as we sat by a delightful couple from Brazil.  He is a geologist, and she is a geographist.  They were both very good looking, and smart, and we talked travel, movies, world events, and it turns out they are on their honeymoon!  Karo showed me some beautiful wedding pictures, including the site of the ceremony that could only be reached by boat.

This isn't it.   This is from Santorini.  We are not staying here, but I'd be glad to.  The island in the picture is the volcano.  We will see it up close tomorrow.

Oddly, we saw a lot of fur stores in Crete, and saw our first one here, too.  Couldn't figure out why such a warm climate would have so many fur stores.  We discovered rich Russians come and bring their girlfriends and buy them furs and jewelry.  Who'd a thunk!

Had to laugh; first thing we saw on our way into Fira.  BBQ Ribs, and a Mexican food restaurant.

I guess birds are supposed to be outside.  Cage was hung on the house wall.  He must have loved it, because he was singing away,

View from our room.  Hope I don't sleepwalk.

View into our room.

One of the busy streets here.

There is a paved (rough cobblestone) walk from town to the next two towns.  This is looking back to Fira.  The way to get from the old harbor (at the bottom) is the switchback staircase you can see, a cable car, or . . . 

Donkeys.  We haven't been down there yet, so are undecided how we will do it, but I can guarantee it won't be the stairs.

From our walk

??   I'll have to find out about this.  Locks everywhere. (note:  since found out these are love locks, and are a problem in some places, because of the cumulative weight.  There is a bridge in France that is compromised because of the locks.  Lovers write names and dates on them, lock them on, and toss the keys, so their love will last forever)  

Really?  With that view, I think John is caressing his beer.

The next town

A good day, except for the ouzo.

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