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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Big Easy Afternoon-Swamp Tour!

Me, MJ, T, and John on our swamp boat.

I couldn't get the swamp pictures in order, but only 4 people know that, so here they are anyway.  Alligators, Swamp, Marsh and Wild Boars, in no particular order, Thanks, T, for some of your pics!

Dinner,  Best roast beef, ever.

MJ had dropsy tonight.  Three forks on the floor.  Almost four.

Just try it.

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  1. Ok. Here's a couple of things to buy. Definitely some Slap Ya Mamma seasoning. AND Tony's seasoning. Then you can do a comparison! Get some Community coffee and Mello Joy coffee. Both Louisisna favorites. And a few Zatarain's packages meals. All great souvenirs of the Bayou state!!