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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Big Easy Morning

Good morning from Cafe De Munde.  I couldn't believe how many people were here, There was a line for take out all around the building, and a line for a table about a half block long.  We were lucky, we got there about 10 minutes before the long lines started, and waited about 30 seconds to find a table.  They were great!

After a quick breakfast, we walked and gawked on our way to the meeting place for our morning cemetery tour.

I like it.  

Someone's entryway (viewed through the gate).  Is that intrusive?

Found site of MJ's face dive yesterday.  Looks worse in the daylight.  By the way, she feels pretty good today.

No explanation needed.

First ones in St. Louis Cathedral.  There was a line out in front, but we were walking by the side when someone unlocked the doors, so we had a good 5 minutes before anyone else came in.  Beautiful.

Beggar must be doing pretty well, as his dogs had some righteous kicks.

Next to him, this guy kept nodding off.  I fully expected him to take a MJ onto the sidewalk.

Inside St. Louis Cemetery #1, a variety of shots.

I laughed inside.

Nicholas Cage has too much money.  This is his tomb, ready.

Faux  Laveau

Our tour guide.

Stay tuned for the afternoon tour

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  1. I love NOLA!! So glad you got to see the beautiful cathedral! I've actually attended Mass here. So overwhelming, regardless of your faith! And beignets! Yeah!!