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Friday, February 12, 2016

Mississippi and Louisiana Highlights

John had a terrible time this morning, trying to dry his hair with an apparent defective hairdryer.  He couldn't understand why a nice hotel would have a dryer with such a short cord.  But he leaned over and got the job done.

Then, I showed him a miracle of modern ingenuity, a retractable cord.  Whodathunk!

The window of the hotel office was full of those little statues that dance/move/sway when the light hits them.  It bordered on creepy. They ere quiet last night when we arrived, but this morning they were all moving.  Weird.

Nice work at the rest stop 

A very long and rickety looking train bridge.  I thought it was perhaps old and abandoned, but a train came across!

First rest stop in Louisiana, and what do we see!  What the heck is going on.  Again, all dancing to beat the band.  Made me dizzy,

Arrived, and checked into our very old hotel.  This is the pretty courtyard. Our room is not near it.

OK, our room is on the back side of the building with the stairs--on the first floor, though,

T & MJ's door.  I love it.  They are in the gated part.  Our room is on the street.  The music has just stopped.

We need these in Springfield.   

Just some pretty sights as we walked the Quarter on our way to dinner.  Mardi Gras stuff still up in many places.

So THAT'S where he is!

It was in the 70's today.  He has the right idea.

Beads everywhere

Bling and googly eyes

Pretty, and pretty busy

Just a cool wall and a cool sign


Dessert first.   Pecan pie and Coconut Creme.  T & MJ's.

Scallops & Filets

After dinner stroll back to our hotel.  This is one of the nice police officers that called the EMT's when MJ took a face dive onto the sidewalk

There was a hole in the sidewalk.  She checked out fine, and hopefully will only have a sore mouth.  No chipped teeth, nothing broken.  She must have partly landed on her purse.

See?  Nary a mark on her.  

Exciting day. 

p.s.  the hairdryer here has a visible long cord.

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  1. Oh no! Sorry MJ fell. Those streets are a hazzard! Otherwise looked like a fun day! Don't miss the Voodoo Museum. It's wonderfully creepy. Also, I had my cards read in Jackson Square.