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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Arrived in Cuzco yesterday afternoon, someone was waiting for us at the airport, and took us to the hotel.  No problems!!  (our room is huge, a double and 2 single beds.  I asked for a room on the quiet side (there is a bar nearby, I read).  Everyone here is very nice.  And free use of a computer, plus wi-fi in our room.  Lukewarm water for our bath, and no heat in the rooms, but lots of blankets on the bed. 

We wandered around yesterday afternoon, and decided to eat at Inka Cafe, which was recommended by just about everyone we have met.  And, they were right.  We were told to take it easy and to eat light on our first day at this altitude (no, don´t ask me-look it up if you want to know.  My brain is full).  I had some delicious sweet potato soup, and a chocolate tart with ice cream.  John had some kind of potato conglomeration with shrimp and avocado.  Got to admit, it was beautiful.  When I looked  at the clock, it was 4:00!  We´ve turned into Seinfelds parents!  We went to bed at 7:30.

We were in England once, the year we walked Hadrians wall, and stayed above a pub for two nights, when England was playing the World Cup Finals.  First night we couldn´t believe the noise, 2nd night we joined them.  Several years later we were in Naples, Italy when Italy was playing in the finals of the World Cup Finals.  We woke up to gunfire, and lots of celebrating in the street.  So, I almost spilled my soup this afternoon at the Inka Cafe when the people at the bar would let out blood curdling screams.  Peru was playing in the playoffs for the World Cup.  Sports fans are crazy.

Today, we woke up early, had a nice breakfast  of good coffee, fresh squeezed OJ, scrambled eggs and some kind of big fat pita.  Not extravagant, but great for free. 

Then, John discovered he was missing his pills.  He has enough through tomorrow.  I think they may have rolled under the bed in the jungle, because I can´t believe we would have left 1 thing on the dining room table,  So, we are going to try a pharmacy tomorrow and see if we can beg enough for the rest of the trip.  If not, John will be going to a Peruvian Dr and hope for a prescription. 

Marc Anthony

We met at our tour bus company, and drove to a number of Inca ruins.  The first one was massive, and after our talk about it, we had 30 minutes to explore.  I was back in plenty of time, and was sitting watching for John. He didn´t come and didn´t come, so I went down to the bus, but couldn´t tell ours from the other 25 there.  I was on my way back up when our tour guide was yelling, and made me run to the bus.  They were waiting for me!!  I was 13 minutes late.  Damn John!  So the tour guide, named Marc Anthony, I swear to god, told everyone I had to buy them all Pisco sours, the national drink.  The bus was full of people from several tour companies, so several people were dropped off at different restaurants.  We went to the most expensive one, but it was wonderful.  Huge buffet, so we got to try lots of native dishes, but not alpaca or cuy (Guinea pig).  I would have tried them, too, since I could have eaten something else if they were gaggy.

Back on the bus, and I discovered my smaller camera was left on the table at the restaurant.  Marc Anthony called them and asked, and we stopped there on the way back, but no.  I´m sad.  All my pictures up to Cuzco were on there.  But I  still have my new camera, and I´m charging batteries now. 

The last place we went was Cuchera (probably misspelled), another Inca site, and there are still indigenous people that live and work here.  We had a demonstration of how they clean, ready, die and weave the wool.  Very interesting.  They people inside this area live and work here, mostly women, and work at least 40 hours a week making things to sell.  It is a real co-op market, and was made by hand, not at a factory.  (gifts for some of you!)
Back to Cuzco about 6:00, we found a pizza place, I had Inka Cola, John a beer, plus our Pizza, for S/.27., or about $9.00.  Blog, and now ready to relax. 

Tomorrow, pharmacy, maybe doctor, then a city tour and more Inca ruins in the afternoon.  Shalom!

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