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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A flight to remember

Lima airport sleeping hall and Internet usage

Well, we`re in Peru now, trying to sleep on the floor, when suddenly I spy a pay by the hour computer center.  Had to lose a little more sleep.  By the way, you can comment on the blog and I can read them when I have a connection. 

John and I sat by a VERY interesting lady, American, but immigrated from Russia when she was 18, with her family.  They are Jewish and were being persecuted.  They weren`t allowed to call themselves Russians, but only Jews.  And I thought that was all over.  Anyway, she met her husband in the U.S. and they have two grown sons in their early twenties and they were going to see Machu Pichu.  So we talked a lot, exchanged emails and it wouldn´t surprise me if we can into them on the mountaintop. 

Speaking of mountaintops, we all thought we were going to be on the ultimate one.  An hour or so into our flight, east of Panama, we hit a bit of turbulence, the seat belt sign came on, then suddenly we pitched a few times, and dropped 20-30 feet, like on the end of a bungee cord.  People were screaming, and some passengers came straight out of their seats.  I hugged a Russian Jewess with a death grip.  The overhead bins were dripping, I guess from thrown drinks.  Never did figure that out for sure .    We spent a little more time pitching, but didn`t have any more incidents like that.  The flight attendant I spoke with said she´d been flying for 11 years, and had never had an incident like that.    The pilot came on after a while and said he would be leaving the seat belt sign on, since he hadn´t seen that one coming. 

Geez, swimming with Pirannah´s sounds pretty tame after that!

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