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Friday, July 22, 2011

Our last free day

In a different room in our wonderful B&B, there was plenty of hot water for our showers. The beds were better, all in right with the world. 

John and I took a stroll to the San Blas area, an artsy neighborhood with  steep, curvy and narrow cobblestone streets, walked around. John bought a tee shirt much different than others we´d seen.  Also a few more little gifts for our families.   Stopped at a chocolate shop run by some Dutch, had hot chocolate but they were our of dutch apple pie, unfortunately,

Wandered around some more, and ended up at a natural cafe that was really good.  John had eaten here a few days ago during my hospital trek, so he knew what to expect.  I had squash and cinnamon soup, some sweet potato medallions, and the best bread we´ve had so far, make with their most common corn, Quiona or something.  I wrote it down back in the room, so don´t hold me to that spelling.  Anyway, a wonderful meal. 

Still had almost an hour before I was to meet Robyn and her housekeeper Trinity (speaks Quechua), so we went to a chocolate museum.  Kind of like Askonoski´s, but if you make a reservation with a group, you get a 2 hour lesson and then get to make your own chocolate bar and add whatever flavor you want.  Didn´t make the reservation, didn´t make any, but that didn't stop us from buying and eating.

Then, a driver picked me, then Robyn and Trinni, and off to the hospital.  Much easier this time.  No one was getting dressings changed, the one that stole my heart also had his mother and grandmother visiting (the father stayed), the amputee was in better spirits and very much enjoyed the fact he could beat me EVERY TIME at that little fishing game that the fish turn in a circle, opening and closing their mouths, you stick a pole in and try to extract them.  He´d correct my counting in Spanish, and made sure he was ahead at all time.  I had gone to a photo lab and gotten some pictures made of the children as Robyn said they never see pictures of themselves, they are much too poor, so they were thrilled to get them.

John has spent the afternoon visiting museums  that don´t involve food and resting.  I was back early enough to catch up on the blog.

Tomorrow, we go on an 8 hour bus ride to Puno which is at Lake Titicaca (hahahahahahahaha).  We stay in a hotel tomorrow night, but there is no electricity on the islands where we stay the next night.  I´ll update when I can.   Titicaca .   hahahahahaha  so funny

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