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Monday, July 18, 2011

A successful day

Before I forget again, there are a couple of things I want to mention about Peru.  Apparently the plumbing isn´t very good.  You have to put your toilet paper in the trash cans, not flush it down.  YEWWWWWWW!
But when in Rome . . . .

We didn´t get to go to the big market at Pisac last Sunday, as it´s one of the few Sundays there wasn´t a market.  There was a festival of Carmen the Virgin.  I don´t know, maybe she was the last surviving one.  Were they going to sacrifice her?  I hope so, I was ready to shop. 

Also, the keyboards and the headers here are all in Spanish, so I have to guess sometimes if I´m hitting the right thing.  Also, the keyboard here has been used so much, some of the letters have worn off.   Every day is a challenge.

On to today.

We went to a pharmacy this morning and the pharmacist was very willing to sell us something she had, but we had our doubts.  So, we came back to the B&B, looked up the ingredients in what she was trying to sell us, and it wasn´t the same.  So, we took a cab to the ¨clinic¨ , immediately saw a young doctor who didn´t know our drug, but got some magazine, converted it to Spanish, and gave us a prescription and said most pharmacies would have it. He was very nice, called John ¨teacher John¨ and told us he had won a 12 week fellowship to Barnes Jewish hospital when he was in school, but couldn´t get a visa from the US because he was very  poor.  What a shame.

Anyway, obtained pills, walked some of the streets near the main plaza, had lunch, and met for an afternoon tour of Cuzco and Inca sites.  We´ve learned a lot. One place is huge, I can´t spell the correct name, but its pronounced sexy woman.  They know it is a real joke for Americans.  Our last stop was at a place the Incas prepared bodies for burial, and it was really interesting to see by flashlight. 

Supper, and back to our room. 

I am exhausted!  My ankles and feet feel like big swollen stubs. I´m going to go put them up in my nice cold room with 5 heavy blankets.

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