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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today in Puno--finally!

Alpaca with egg

Chicken, Pesto Gnochi
 Last night after I caught up on the blog, John and I went to eat our last supper at Cuzco.  Really a great town.  Anyway, we went to the restaurant with the best reputation in town; Inka Grill.  John ordered alpaca and I ordered gnochi with pesto.  Of course, we both tried each others meals, too.  Alpaca wasn´t bad, sort of a beef-ham flavor.  He also had fried bananas and TuTu, I think, which was the best thing on his plate.  It was a mashed white lima bean, with potato and yellow peppers.    My gnochi was really good.  We didn´t even finish so we´d have room for  wonderful chocolate torte with ice cream on the side.  It takes a while to get it as they only bake it when it is ordered.  Best meal EVER.

Up very early, and the girls at the hotel even made us breakfast early.  We had some gifts for them and their children-Spanish-English story book, strawberry shortcake bandanna, pencils, and a tip for the boss to disburse as she saw fit.    Our driver picked us up in front, and drove us to a bus station where we met with others going on the Inka Express Bus to Puno.  My bus driver had almost become an old friend, as well, as he was the one that picked Robyn and I up to go to the hospital, among some other outings.   After a hug for Pedro, we climbed aboard and saw------the family from New York State
that we saw on the airplane going to the jungle, on the airplane leaving the jungle, at Machu Pichu after they hiked the trail (the parents are in their later 60`s) and then again tonight at dinner.

 We thought the train ride was long, but the bus trip was horrid.  9 and a half hours.  I gotta hand it to them, they served us coca tea, coke, and we had 5 stops on the way, including a very nice buffet lunch with a rockin Peruvian group.  More Inca sites, and we also saw our first graveyards,.  John had wondered about them.  Mostly we were flying by, so I can`t say much about them here.  Bought a ceramic bird whistle for Soles 2 (about 66 cents)--may be the best thing I´ve gotten.

Finally arrived in Puno 5:30, checked into our 5star hotel, then the lights went out.  Didn´t last long, and we´re so lucky to have this luxury.  And this Puno tour was a good deal, I think, anyway.  Part of the package, I guess, or maybe because we will have NO luxury tomorrow at our home stay. 

Anyway, as we got out of the cab at the hotel, here came our Philadelphia children.  I believe they are about the right age, anyway to be our kids.  Hugs all around, and we went out for pizza and beer with them. 

A Room with a view
Well, I will be going to bed soon, and know there won´t be an opportunity tomorrow, so I´ll write more Monday night when again we have a real toilet, hot shower, lake view, and a HEATER IN THE ROOM!

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