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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

World`s Longest Bus ride

So, it took us 9 1/2 hours bus ride to get to Puno, which lies on Lake Titicaca (hahahhahah).  It was supposed to be 8 hours or so, but perhaps they were counting actual wheels turning time.  dunno.  We stopped at a few more Inca sights, some more interesting than the others.  We also stopped for lunch at some restaurant in the middle of nowhere.  One interesting note, you know the way we put crosses and plastic flowers on the roadside when someone dies there in a car accident?  Here, they build whole little houses or altars. 

Finally got to our hotel, and what a treat!  4 star, hot water, an electric heater in the room, a phone in the bano, 8th floor, and floor to ceiling windows overlooking Lake Titicaca (hahahahaha).   In the lobby, we ran into our new young friends from Philadelphia, so we went out for pizza and cervasa with them.  They had already been to Uros, and were heading out the next morning for Bolivia.

So, a good night rest in a very comfortable bed.  But, you still had to throw your T.P. in the wastebasket!

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