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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Did I go to Italy or not?

For whatever reason, when we got to Florence, Italy, I was no longer able to post on here with pictures.  I couldn't find a fix, so I started a new blog at

So, if you'd like to see some of our trip, please head on over.  Chio!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Homeward Bound

Our hotel, just on across the street from the French Quarter.  The rooms in this 1830's house are supposedly haunted,  Unfortunately, our rooms were not in this building.  Our building was beyond the pool and the courtyard.

T & MJ's room was inside a locked gate on the left.  Our room was right on the street, without a deadbolt--#16, bottom floor.  The room was nice, but I was a bit concerned about the proximity to the bars on Frenchman Street-about a block away.  Other than some noise from people walking by late, we were not broken into or murdered.

This is my view when we take roadtrips with our friends.

We stopped for breakfast at Paul's Cafe at Ponchatula, LA.  Small, clean, and 2 of the 8 daughters were working.

However, the bathroom was no bigger than an airplane lav.  This was on the wall.

Slow driving today as we got caught in a big thunderstorm, with tornado warnings.  We hid out for a while in a rest area, and spoke with a number of very interesting travelers.  After a small hailstorm, the weather cleared a bit and we went out merry way.  Poor T drove in and out of rain, I napped.  John talked and MJ read.  Finally made it to Jonesboro AR just after dark.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Separate Valentines Day

We split up today, as we all had a list of things we wanted to do.  MJ and T went to a cooking class they really enjoyed.  Their instructor graduated from SMS (now Missouri State University).  They had a mutual acquaintance.  Small world.

John and I had a nice little breakfast, then took the trolley to the Garden District.  Who would even consider this?  Just because you have to have EXACT change?  Because if you don't get your transfer at the start of the trip, you have to pay another full fare?  

Immediately after arriving in the Garden District, I promptly took a MJ dive to the sidewalk.  NOLA is dangerous!  I will heal promptly. I was more worried about my camera that scooted down the street, but it works, too.


Right in the middle of the district is Lafayette cemetery, so we had to do a quick trip. Didn't need atour guide here, although there were tours going on.


Then on to some beautiful houses.  They did NOT look like pre-Civil War.  We even saw a few flowers.  Mild winter.

John and I split up after this--he went to the WWII museum, I went back to the Quarter.

Which of these do you think I had for lunch?  

The creepy monsters from the sea with tendrils?

Or the PoBoy, naked? 

The following five are all fortune tellers/tarot readers on Jackson Square.  None of them seemed to me to have special powers, so I kept my $20.00

I considered this, but didn't do it.

One of the street performers.  He was really good.  Its an African something.  Gourd, with harp strings, played with both hands.

Beads, beads, everywhere

On the Big Muddy

Voodoo dolls.

You can lock your bike up, but parts can still disappear.

Again on the river

Interesting fashion statement

Red beans and rice for Valentines Day

Awe.   It's Valentines Day!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Big Easy Afternoon-Swamp Tour!

Me, MJ, T, and John on our swamp boat.

I couldn't get the swamp pictures in order, but only 4 people know that, so here they are anyway.  Alligators, Swamp, Marsh and Wild Boars, in no particular order, Thanks, T, for some of your pics!

Dinner,  Best roast beef, ever.

MJ had dropsy tonight.  Three forks on the floor.  Almost four.

Just try it.