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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Waterfalls, no critters today.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

If you hurry, you can make this today!!!!!!

Short drive today, but still a variety of landscapes. Lead (LEED) is the town closest to Deadwood, but is much larger. They've had a friendly feud going on for 125 years.

Lead is the location of the largest gold mine. It shut down in 2002, but still has 3/4 of the gold available.

(Note:  for some reason, I was unable to upload the rest of the pictures I had for today.  I'll try to add them later.  Just imagine the best pictures you've ever seen)

 The pit shown below is huge, and the Homestake mine itself goes down 8,000 feet.

This is the porta potty that was used in the mines. Apparently, as a joke, other miners would give it a push on the rails as one was using it. Ha Ha. Then, it was chained to the end of the ore engine, but people would yank on it hard, still causing problems. They think that's where "pulling my chain" came from.

This box holds 1 Ton. It took 7 of these to process enough gold to equal a nugget about the size of 1 hershey kiss.

First of three waterfalls we saw today along the Spearfish Canyon Byway. this one was Spearfish falls, although it is the furthest one from the town of Spearfish. Go figure. It was our favorite.

2nd waterfall, Roughlock Falls

3rd waterfall, Bridal Veil Falls.

Back mid-afternoon, and a little nap. We are pooped. Tonight is the first night for Wild Bill Days. Not sure who they are, but Diamond Rio is playing, in the street, about a block from our hotel. Any bets how long I can listen to country music?

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