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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wild Bill, Seth, and Calamity

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Yesterday, at the Crazy Horse monument, among many other items, John saw these trade beads on display.  Unbelievably, these are THE trade beads, part of the sale of Manhattan!

At our lodge yesterday, I went for a little photo walk before breakfast, and saw two adult marmots having their breakfast.

Then, I found a huge rock with lots of holes, and found 2 babies.  They let me get pretty close.

Then, on to Sturgis.  Nary a cycle in sight.  Thank goodness.  We purposely decided to avoid an August visit.

On to Deadwood, where we checked in for the next few days.   A lot like Eureka Springs in atmosphere, except slot machines everywhere you look.  And sights like where Wild Bill was shot and killed.

We went to the Adams Museum, and spent some time there.  Interesting collection of Deadwood history, and of  legends of the area.  they had an area called curiosities.  Here are a couple of unique items from there.

Yes, a fetal calf (see below).  This was about the size of a pocket dog.

After the museum, we went to the famous Mt. Moriah cemetery.    Stone-leavings, coins, and other items were prevalent among many of the graves.  Wild Bill:

Just to the right in this picture is Calamity Jane, but there is nothing to indicate it except for a plack on the wall between her and Wild Bill.  No dates, Nada.

As high as you can go in the cemetery, then another 750 feet higher is Seth Bullocks family grave.  I didn't see it in person, but luckily, some nice men from Iowa were coming back from here, and he sent me some pictures by text.  I love technology.  It probably prevented a heart attack!

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